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Challenged? You're Not Alone.

Even GREAT leaders often face common challenges...

  • Our vision of the future, clear in the past, has become cloudy
  • Goals and objectives seem like a complex tangle of competing priorities
  • Some team members have lost motivation and passion for the work
  • Stakeholders’ perceptions of where we are don’t match their expectations
  • Some team members are deeply attached to the status quo
  • Some teams and team members have conflicting goals and agendas
  • Our customers seem hard to satisfy and impossible to “wow”
  • Our processes aren’t enabling desired levels of performance and quality
  • We seem to make many of the same mistakes over and over again
  • Some of our metrics look good… but are they the right metrics?
We believe all these symptoms can often be traced back to a lack of Alignment. Join an exclusive community of Aligned Leaders, working to address the cause... not just the symptoms. 
What do we mean by Alignment?
Ever been part of a REALLY GREAT team, band, club, or company? One where everything just "clicked?" 

What if EVERY organization and business could have the same "superpower" to keep everyone working toward common goals, with a shared vision, continuous learning, and very little wasted effort? 

I'm Paul Penny. That's what my work is all about. It's building the foundation for Sustainable Success in EVERY organization. Watch my video to learn more!
Take your Leadership Capabilities to the Next Level
Join other Leaders on their journey toward building truly Aligned Organizations. Share insights, experiences, challenges and best practices. 
Build your Aligned Leadership skills and knowledge faster, and help your organization achieve Sustainable Success.
Questions and Answers
Private discussions within the group build knowledge faster. Your Alignment Revolution host Paul Penny reviews and comments daily!
Weekly Video Coaching
Alignment Revolution's Paul Penny posts a weekly video with answers to hot questions, and other insights. It's like a virtual group coaching session!
Exclusive Content
Exclusive comments, posts, video and resources to help accelerate your Aligned Leadership journey, available only to community members!
Watch Paul's Video To Learn What The Alignment Revolution Is All About!
Aligned Leaders help their organizations accomplish more... with more fun, less stress, and more energy left at the end of the day for their families and the other things that are important in their lives. Aligned Organizations can Sustain Success, even through challenges and hyper-growth.

What is Sustainable Success worth to your ORGANIZATION? 
What is Maximizing Your Impact worth to YOU as a Leader?
What is being the Best You worth to your FAMILY?
Welcome Revolutionaries!
I'm excited to work with you personally in the Alignment Revolution!
Let's build Aligned Organizations... Together!
Paul Penny
Alignment Author, Blogger, Facilitator, Consultant and Speaker
Host of Alignment Revolution
What are others saying?
“Paul was amazing. The value of the work was/is invaluable to us and we have used the roadmap to successfully move us forward… He engaged effectively with all my staff, from the technologists to the CEO. He is so knowledgeable that he can put tough concepts into digestable chunks for business people.”
COO, National Litigation Support Firm
CIO, International Training Services Company
“Paul brought the right processes, tools, and attitude to the table throughout the engagement. He was instrumental in establishing a high level of trust among the team members, setting the right environment and in driving positive results.”
“Paul truly ‘gets it’ when it comes to developing strategy and pulling the mission through to the execution approach. The P Principles is an excellent model for organizations to employ if they want to achieve true alignment and breakthrough performance.”
CFO, International Clinical Research Firm
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